Q-AdsManager is a specialized ERP solution for managing and improving your advertising business.

It is a central system for manging data required for planning, monitoring and managing advertising.

Integrated modules provide visualization of ad space availability and interactively define rents. Reporting and analytical modules, with options for connecting to existing ERP and CRM systems, make Q-AdsManager powerful tool for managing the entire process of advertising.

  • Manage organization data
  • Manage and categorize ad positions
  • Manage rents
  • Get notified on exceeding rents by a system automatic mail reminders
  • Access availability and income statistics of based on position, partners, brands and organization unit
  • Advanced analytics


Q-SalesManager is specialized CRM business solution for management and improvement of sales.

It is a software solution that covers the entire process of sales - from planning and recording visits, creating orders in real time, to the processing of data through rich analytic interface.

It effectively manages data related to customers, products, promotional activities and sales, simplifies the process of planning, organizes resources and provides the ability to view all of the data at any place or time.

  • Manage customers, products, and other organization data
  • Schedule visits
  • Internal communication options
  • Enter visit report
  • Track performance
  • Visit and sale analytics
  • Adapted for use on tablets


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