PTV Group Events

The PTV Events app makes the life of PTV Group event attendees easier by providing them with all the information regarding current events in the fields of traffic, logistics and transport consulting.

PTV AG is a German company specialized in software solutions and consulting services for traffic, transportation, mobility and logistics. With a yearly revenue of about 80 million euros and more than 700 employees worldwide, the PTV Group ranks among top 1,000 global market leaders in Germany.

As PTV is hosting or participating in numerous professional conferences each year, they wanted to provide attendees of those conferences a way to access all relevant info on the go through a specialized smartphone app.

In cooperation with our partner, Infinum , we have provided that solution – PTV Events, a native app built for iOS and Android smartphones. This beautiful app contains a list of upcoming events, including agenda and info about lectures, speakers, sponsors and PTV products.

A clean and simple interface

Providing a clean and simple interface, especially if it's targeted at busy business professionals, is essential for the success of an app. We started by building design blueprints, transitioned them to our designers, and finally we let our developers do their magic.

PTV events1

Keeping tabs on the agenda

Professionals visit trade shows and conferences to see and hear new and interesting things. That's why we have provided a quick way to browse through the list of speakers and exhibitors, as well as get an overview of the agenda. On top of that, attendees can add relevant events to their personal calendar with a push of a button.

PTV events2

News that matter

In the rightmost tab of the PTV app, users can browse through most recent news related to planned or ongoing events.

PTV events3